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A collaborative blog community dedicated to seeing if there’s any truth to the acronym BICHOK.
Welcome to Hands on Keyboard, a collaborative blog community established in January 2010 and dedicated to seeing if there’s any truth to the acronym BICHOK--Butt in Chair; Hands on Keyboard. Our goals are fourfold:

1) Hold ourselves accountable for our writing progress
2) Discuss how we struggle to balance the demands of normal life and the demands of creativity
3) Encourage one another in our writing
4) Encourage the watchers of our community in their own writing

The Hands on Keyboard members are expected to post once a week on their assigned days. We hope to post five days a week during 2012.

While Hands on Keyboard has a closed membership, we welcome anyone who wants to friend the community and respond to members’ posts and comments.

Active Members
Brooke is currently on break from her studies in English Linguistics and Editing at Brigham Young University. She has worked on a semi-professional SFF publication and is now working as a freelance editor. She is not much of a writer, and as such she is still learning a lot about novel writing and life in general. Her focus is the fantasy genre, and her novels tend to gravitate towards young adult urban fantasy. She will be posting at handsonkeyboard on Mondays.

Gwynne is a storyteller at heart and (hopefully) soon to be by trade. She's written two novels, Chrysalis, a young adult urban fantasy (currently in editing, submission, and more editing), and The Ninth Event, a young adult post-apocalyptic fantasy (also in edits). When she's not writing, (or off having adventures) she works as an office manager for a criminal defense law firm where she uses her bachelor's of science degree in psychology to read minds. She will be posting on Tuesdays.

Brittany studied illustration in college, and currently works as a technical artist in the crafting industry to fund things like video games and Mexican food. Off the clock, she's developing Muse, a mythology-based contemporary superhero/romance graphic novel. She is working on several novels on the side, mostly in the YA fantasy genre. Some of her favorite resources include The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, The DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics by Dennis O'Neil, and the Paper Wings podcast for independent comics creators. You can find her progress report here on Wednesday.

Charisse is a graduate student in English, which means she spends a good deal of her time reading and teaching--but being studious often takes a backseat to taking care of her son, who happens to be the cutest little boy that ever existed. Even though she does a lot of writing (grad school has that effect), most of it isn't creative, so handsonkeyboard is her way of keeping the flame of creative writing alive amidst her immersion in academia. Genre-wise, her sensibilities tend toward fantasy, and she has a fascination with fairy tales. Her main project, tentatively titled Seeing Beauty, is still in its first draft (for now). Her day to post will be Thursday.

By day Audrey is an editor in the crafting industry, which means she spends most of her time staring at glitter, rhinestones, buttons, and other shiny bling. To counteract the cute, she writes young adult science-fiction and fantasy novels at night. Her current solo project is a young adult zombie story (tentatively titled Uncanny Valley). She is also collaborating with Mary Beth on a young adult urban fantasy (Cold Iron). Audrey is the moderator of this community and posts on Fridays.

Former Members
Megan is a foreign language teacher, which is really a one-sentence explanation of how she spends the majority of her time. Megan was an active member in 2010.

Mary Beth has a veritable dragon's hoard of unfinished novels, stretching back a dozen years and at least six computers. She's currently focusing on a young adult/heroic fantasy, Firedrake, which she occasionally posts at her writing journal painted_on_sky. Mary Beth was an active member for 2010 and 2011.

Please address any comments, questions, or concerns to audrey_hok.

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