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Tumblr Tuesday

I don't even know how to begin describing this last week but here it goes.

Last Monday I entered Chrysalis into a Secret Agent Contest and got chosen by the random number generator. From Tuesday to Friday other participants, along with an Anonymous Agent offered critiques on the first 250 words. By the end of it, Chrysalis had fourteen comments from people I didn't know and one comment from an agent.

I know I say this every time, but getting feedback is so freaking important and helpful and wonderful--even the advice that's badly put. I've got some editing decisions to make and some ideas on how to work on my glaringly obvious weakness with description.

I'm also taking into consideration that 250 words isn't a lot and some of the critiques become moot within 50 more words. Deciphering feedback and clearing it up is always an adventure. >.>

I didn't win the contest but I'm very okay with that. I still feel like I gained something awesome.

While this was going on and I was compulsively checking my comments, Writing Like A Girl went live with reblogs. I quickly learned how to tag (because Audrey noticed I wasn't ^^;; ) and I put together a month's worth of queued quotes, commentary written by other people, and gif sets. Then I worked on my first, original character commentary. It went up last night.

As of this post my Master Tigress post has exactly 200 notes. To put this in perspective I thought I'd get maybe ten. I'm a new blog with very little history. I picked an old, non human character and through together 500-ish words about how awesome it is Tigress, the hardest kung fu animal style, is a girl. I didn't think it would get 200 notes--a lot of them reblogs. I'm certain this is because I tagged it really well. (Thank you, Audrey!)

The last 24 hours have felt really good.

This might not happen again for a while. The next two commentaries I have planned aren't with major or popular characters. But coming right out of the gate, it felt amazing. I'm really excited to continue this project.

For this next week I have three goals:

  • Chrysalis Edits (attack that passive voice!)

  • Write two character commentaries!

  • Have fun with 9thEvent histories

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