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September 19th, 2013

In Other News...

Since my whirlwind trip to California last month my creative work has been scattered and inconsistent. I have had some much-needed moments of random insight that have helped make sense of plot elements that were just...there...in my first draft. For me, one of the most fun and interesting parts of discovery writing a first draft is going back and making sense of things, as if my subconscious had handed me a half-filled sudoku and I had to fill in the rest. Of course it's much more interesting than blocks of numbers, and of course every once in a while I find that something my subconscious had penciled in is wrong, but that's part of the fun. And maybe if I get all the numbers right the puzzle will magically transform into a flying unicorn that I can ride to fame and fortune.

(Clearly I'm tired.)

In other news, I have only seven weeks to go before Baby Girl is due to arrive, and so much of my time, energy, and attention has been taken up with things that need to be done before her debut, not to mention things that need to be done on a daily basis but are increasingly difficult and time-consuming, such as dishes. Dishes are ridiculous. Why on earth does emptying and filling a dishwasher have to require so much bending? In any case, I've also been trying to spend more time out and about and having fun with my toddler in the few weeks left before he no longer has me to himself. Oh, and writing my dissertation. That I haven't actually started writing, but that needs to be a few pages long within a month so I can have something to build on when I eventually emerge on the other side of having a newborn. In, say, January. Or so.

My goal this week is to spend some time each day with my Bridget document open. I'm pretty sure I can manage that.

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