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July 3rd, 2013

Back in the Saddle

Brittany's back from the dead! And it's still Wednesday!

I've spent the last month largely offline, at home in Arizona. I spent a few days at home hanging out with my brother, then traveling with the family to Utah to take him to the MTC (and back again the next day). There was some SWTOR and some Doctor Who involved, too. Then we focused on wedding preparations for my sister, and the family convened. I'm pretty sure if I hadn't been here to help, my mom would have gone nuclear from all the pressure and craziness. Frankly, I spent most of it cursing weddings in general and vowing not to do it myself because it's too dang much work, and my contributions were pretty miniscule. (Brooke, I wish you luck. I really do.) Gwynne popped in for a couple of days and saved me from the insanity for a while, which was joyous and welcome. Now my sister's married, and the family has gradually dispersed again.

Except for me. Yesterday, my flight back to Georgia left without me. I decided I wasn't ready to go back, and got a new flight for later. But now that the craziness has subsided, I've promised myself to get back to work even though I'm still at home. I've drawn up a list of things to get working on, and I'm going to implement them in the next couple of days! Things like writing daily and drawing daily, plus actual projects that I mentioned last time. I'm without my Muse site files, so I can't fix the website from here, but I can at least get back to work on the story/pages. Also, sample pages for Marvel, my Scarlet Pimpernel short, and some rough children's book illustrations. A bit of freelance work, too, if I can swing it, because even being at home where food is free, my summer finances are going to be tight.

For the last couple of days, I've been watching the Lord of the Rings with my brother (who somehow hadn't seen them), and it's been reminding me of my love for art and writing. Looking forward to getting started again. :)


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