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May 30th, 2013

Working Again

After a slump and a delightful visit from my mom, I can report that I worked on my project...two? three? (ahem) two or three days in the last week. Shockingly enough, I am actually reaching the end of the storyline, which means that it should only be a couple of weeks at most before I can start going back through, comparing what I have with my outline, writing the missing scenes, and revising the existing ones. Which will probably only take forever. But that's ok, right? There are Other Things that must be done.

Including the prospectus. The one that I WILL FINISH. Soon. I got nice, detailed feedback from my adviser on the last draft, so once I rearrange and polish some things and whip my bibliography into shape, I should be good to go. Again, this should only take...a while. I'm hoping to have the draft itself in really good shape by the end of next week.

Deep breath. We can do this. (And I am totally allowed to speak/write in the royal "we" when I'm pregnant. Because, you know, there are two of us.)

Yes. We can do this.

Hijacking Thursday Again (Sorry!)

Let's pretend again that it's Wednesday. Actually, no.. Wednesday I was on campus working from 9am until almost 1am. Let's stick with Thursday night, because today I turned in all my final projects and am officially done with my first year of grad school. And I'm awesome.

Something I appreciate about my school (or, at least, my experience so far) is that the last day of classes is usually a high. No other day gives you so much perspective on how you're doing, what you're doing, and why you want to do it. It is really something wonderful to look at all your progress over the term and get an assessment for how far you've come and where you're going next.

Once again, my hard teacher gave me a glowing review on my studio project (the Swamp Thing one). Remember how I said this project was going to stretch me? So many aspects of these pages were new to me, and my teacher said the experimentation and struggle and growth were exactly what he wanted to see at my stage, and that in this sink-or-swim situation, I swam. In my personal conference, he added that my storytelling, my camera angles, my drawing, my concept approach - all really good; the thing I'm struggling with now is the actual mark-making, which, he said, is the easy part. Just takes practice. And I'm taking an inking class in the fall, so it'll come.
I've posted the pages HERE on my blog. :)

Self-Promo today involved a mini-convention in the classroom! We set up our convention tables (I taped my Muse banner to an old banner+stand my teacher had in his office), and we critiqued each others' tables and practiced interacting with con-attendees. Sometimes they were passing professors/students from the hallway who stopped to see what the spectacle was. Here is a photo of my table (with classmates in the back)!

So here's where it stands: I have projects to do this summer! I need to WRITE WRITE WRITE, and also do those sample pages for Marvel, a dummy children's book, my Scarlet Pimpernel minicomic, and get Muse back up and updating on schedule. I may also participate in an anthology one of my classmates is organizing this summer, and there's my mermaid story I could continue with, too. So, yeah! Remind me of this list when I start whining about not being in school.

Word count up to 11,205!

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