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May 29th, 2013

Folding Patience into Tuesday

These last few months I've rediscovered my love of origami. I learned it while I lived in Japan as a child and pick it up every few years. I've always longed to be an artist of some sort, usually through music or writing, but origami and other paper art pulls at my heart.

Last night, it pulled me all the way past midnight while I struggled on a new kusudama I'm attempting to make. Then I spent three hours today thinking it was still Tuesday. *headdesk*

Working on kusudama has taught me patience. I've struggled so much with this splorting writing sickness I had. I write and write and write but stumble through editing and reshaping because it is hard and sometimes there isn't a clear plan on how to make it through.

Folding kusudama, which are those lovely modular paper balls, is a lot like that. You fold anywhere between 30 and 120 little modules and then attach them to each other to get the really cool shapes. Folding the modules isn't hard. Once you learn the steps, it's easy to crank them out.

Putting them together is a completely different experience. Sometimes the bits and tabs and folds and unfolds work logically, like they're supposed to and everything fits together. The kusudama holds its shape with very little poking, prodding, and paperclips. I can step back and look at it and feel ridiculously proud of my paper folding capabilities.

Then there are times, even though I've folded the modules perfectly, nothing I seem to do works. The directions are unhelpful. The videos I watch assume I'm a kusudama and geometric tessellation MASTER and can just figure it out by using google translate to understand the French or German youtuber.

I'm not a geometric tessellation master so patience is required.

Writing and editing are kind of like that. I know how to make the little modules (draft 1) and I know what I want the finished product to looks like (draft many, many, lots) and somewhere between 1 and lots, I fit the pieces together. For every kusudama I make, I practice with boring, simple paper, before I try again with prettier, sometimes more delicate or even thicker paper to achieve the look I want.

It's okay to practice first. I don't know why this hit me upside the head this week but it did.

I'm happy to report I'm plodding along in all of my writing goals. As I flush out my character commentaries, I struggle a bit with my self imposed 500 word limit. When I bemoaned this to Audrey, she pointed out that I didn't have to spend a lot of time on summarizing background, which is what I had been doing, because the people who are going to find these particular commentaries, are already searching through the particular tag, and already have a good background on these characters.

This suggestion led to some restructuring of my format. Yay editing!

I'm utilizing my writing sickness to do background for 9th!Event. This last week I wrote about 17k for the 3rd!Event. It's been fun >.>

This week I want to work on my website. It's not a hard goal but a whimsical desire. Hopefully, that means I won't rebel against it. 


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