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May 21st, 2013

Energized Tuesday

Goodness, do I believe in the power of massage therapy >.>

Over the last three weeks, the lethargy of lingering ick has really demoralized me in all of my projects. I started up Kung Fu again and it was painful to be so soft after a month away from my beloved martial arts. Tonight, I explained to my therapist my trials since she last saw me, so she did something magical else. My mind raced with all of my a fore amorphous thoughts and I came home to outline four of my feminist character studies.

  • Cordelia Naismith/Vorkosigan: (Lois McMaster Bujold) I'm really excited about this one. I think it'll be my first one. I'm only going to focus on the two books told from her point of view. Mostly because I haven't read the other 15 or so in the series and I'm not sure I want to. I'll explain why in my commentary >.>

  • Red/Ruby (Once Upon a Time): She's not a main character and that appeals to me. Also makes me sad because I think her character arcs are subtly fantastic.

  • Kate Beckett (Castle): I just finished the current season and there's some interesting things going on that sparked a lot of thought and commentary.

  • Joan Watson (Elementary): This show gets my feminist feelings all excited. It's gender-bent two main characters and one secondary character and it's done it well, considering it almost competes with the very popular Sherlock.

Goal Number One is to have my outlines flushed out by next week. The Rule will be working on commentary before working on my other writing. Which is something I'm tots excited about as well.

I forgot to mention that during March/April I wrote a substantial history for 9thEvent. I was reading through my draft to start taking notes on what world building and history I needed to lock down for my rewrite (scheduled in my head to start in July or August). I ended up working on the history for the main character's parents because it has a huge bearing on the plot of 9thEvent. I did it under 55,000 words. I'm ridiculously pleased with myself. It could be a "short" story. I've called it the 2ndEvent for now.

This evening my mind has raced about this as well. My experience writing Chrysalis histories is really going to help turn my 125k outline of the 9thEvent and turn it into a draft worth showing to other people.

Goal Number Two is to make a list of the histories I need and vaguely outline them.

Goal Number Three is to get rid of my softness by martialing my spirit for more Kung Fu. Because I need a third goal or my list is unbalanced.

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