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April 11th, 2013

Successful So Far

I met my goal of working on transcribing and editing 3 days this week. I originally thought I might increase the number if I was successful, but since I'm going to be losing my babysitter next week and have agreed to turn in a full draft of my prospectus in two weeks, I am going to stick with what seems to be working. So the goal, again, is to work 3 days this week. Of course, the other big reason not to push too hard just now is that, as you all know, I am expecting again, and it is taking a pretty serious toll on my energy and general liveliness. That said, I am very pleased that I met my goal, I'm pleased with the fact that I don't hate everything I'm transcribing, I'm quite pleased that my prospectus finally feels much less amorphous and daunting, and I am extremely pleased to be looking forward to another baby in the fall.

Oh, and I read Fairest. The following may contain spoilers? I enjoyed it, though I'm not sure how well I really connected with the protagonist. She's certainly likable, though, and I was thrilled with how all the familiar details of the fairy tale were adapted and/or twisted and/or thrown out the window--especially that the heroine was decidedly not the "fairest." It also made me happy--I, who have read too many eighteenth-century novels that revolve around an orphan coincidentally discovering his or her origins and status--that her past is never actually explained, and even happier that it didn't turn out to be the key to the entire plot. But maybe that's just me. There were so many delightful details and such a rich-feeling world that I've actually felt tempted to go back and read it again. Instead, I should probably figure out what to read next. Cinder, maybe? Have any of you read that series?

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