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April 3rd, 2013

Unfocused Tuesday

I didn't achieve my editing goal of Chrysalis this week and I'm trying not to be frustrated. I got through about 75 pages over about three days but it most mostly reading and not editing. My lack of success in this area lately is more than frustrating for plenty of reasons, but the main one is this:

I'm not only a goal setter, I'm a goal achiever.

When I told myself I wanted to write a book in three months the first time? Boom. Chrysalis. When I told myself I wanted to write a second book? Boom. 9thEvent. When I told myself I wanted to run a marathon? Marathon Run. When I decided to make Green Sash in four months? Boom. Level Up in four months and one week. Given the task of putting together a killer Easter Program for church, I killed it. People wept. Okay, probably not because of me.

Boom. Goals Achieved. Lots of explosions in Gwynne's Life.

When I declared I would rewrite Chrysalis, I did it. Last year I wrote over 700k words. Since stopping 750words, I've continued to write every freaking day. I have the tools to actually succeed in my chosen career path but I'm hesitating.

Probably because I'm afraid. Fear has defined a great deal of my life. I thought, with Kung Fu, I'd gotten over some of it. After all, when something gets too hard, Gwynne usually finds something else to do. But, when I really want something, I get this predatory focus until I've killed it dead.

So, that's what I really need right now. Focus. I've set the goal: Finish Chrysalis Edits. I've got two weeks. No more writing distractions. Thank goodness I finished angsty 9thEvent history last night >.>

Time to kill editing.

Swamp Thing and Self-Promo

Word count to date is up to 7,832. Still not meeting my 1,000/week word goal, but oh well. I've been very sporadic with writing since.. well, February. I need to do better. I also have some project planning (i.e. brainstorming and plotting) that has to happen soon, and it would be helpful if I could get on it a little at a time, instead of trying to do it all at once. Especially since I'm trying to do real projects with potential, not just throwaway "school" projects.

So! A new quarter, new classes, new routine, and new projects. I'm still getting used to the flow. This term I'm taking a Studio class, and Self-Promotion. For Studio, the project I'll be doing will help me practice action and inking, and the pre-existing script that I'm working with is Swamp Thing. (Now there's a property I never thought I'd touch!) Self-Promotion is basically a business/marketing class, and the first order of business is to rehash/consolidate my internet presence into a blog/site + various social media, and then update them all at least twice a week with posts, pictures, drawings, etc. I've got a lot of work to do for it, but also some cool things in mind. I'll let you know when it's in place and moving. We're also learning business-end stuff (yesterday we talked about movie/tv optioning!), and I expect I'll be sharing a bunch of that with you folks. But not today, since I've got to get to Swamp Thing.

I'm also working on a Blackbelt project (professor-overseen, extra-curricular 10-page short comic) that's an adaptation of a Scarlet Pimpernel short story--I'm working on the script now--and I'm sitting in on an undergrad digital coloring/lettering class that's been teaching me awesome stuff. (I was supposed to take a coloring class from that teacher last quarter, but it was dropped due to insufficient enrollment. But this is the teacher's last quarter, and I don't know who will be teaching the graduate coloring class later, and I wanted a chance to learn from him while I can.) Also, this Saturday is a small, local comic convention that's attended basically by creators, and I'm going to go and network a bunch. (I'm actually pretty nervous about it, particularly since I don't have a table or any real work to show.) I'll let you know how it goes.

OH! One more thing.. For Studio, we have to come up with a bunch of graphic novel plot ideas (loglines, basically). I did it for Studio last term, and I never posted the plots I turned in. But this term's plots are due tomorrow, so here they are! Some are ideas I've been working on for a while, and some are new. Kudos if you can tell what's what.

Plots!Collapse )

And now, Swamp Thing!

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