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March 28th, 2013

It's Thursday, and I am POSTING.

(As if it were such a hard thing to do.)

There are plenty of things I could say in my defense, but it's late and I'm not in the mood to think about how crazy things have been lately. But we are in a new apartment, it is lovely, and things overall are good. I've been making progress on my prospectus, though I'm currently agonizing over possible chapter break-downs--which, of course, do not merit any sort of agony because everyone knows they will not end up being what my chapters actually look like. But I am a perfectionist. So.

On the creative front, I have only worked a couple of days in the last few weeks. One day I spent skimming through internet advice on what to do once you have a draft. There were useful things, even if the things I found useful were more tangential or spin-offs of what was actually being said. I've made some good notes and I've (maybe?) decided to keep most of my names as they are for now and worry about changing them once I'm in the getting-feedback-from-other-people stage. If names are tripping people up or making it hard to like or connect with the characters, then we'll revisit them.

Perhaps the best thing I did was start a brand new shiny blank document titled "The Actual Story." See, I was running into this awful problem as I transcribed (which of course I still haven't finished doing) that I wanted to transcribe things that wouldn't end up in the story, that were character backgrounds or versions that were too different from what ended up really happening or old versions of characters, etc. So I had a document called "Things for other stories" and one for "transcribed material," but of course the latter was ridiculously unwieldy. Thus I decided that rather than simply dump everything into my "transcribed material" document, I was going to have one that was just for The Actual Story, just for the things that actually told what was happening, things that I see making it into the actual manuscript in some form. Though there isn't much in it yet, it's just a little bit thrilling (ok, maybe more than a little bit) to see The Actual Story start to take shape in front of me.

I just need to, you know, keep going. When I'm not reading treatises on the spleen by eighteenth-century physicians.

(Which--I'm not going to lie--I love doing.)

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