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March 9th, 2013

Action and Opportunity

Somehow I wrote 1,701 words for The Dying Shrine even though I only wrote three days last week. I’d be more impressed with this number if I were consistently writing 567ish words every day. Someday I will be that awesome; until then, I will muddle on.

This chapter has been difficult mostly because I didn’t bother to figure out how the magic/supernatural elements in this world worked before I dove straight into it. (For given values of straight—it has taken twelve thousand words for the first ghost to show up. I’ve already started thinking about what scenes need to get cut for the second draft.) Action scenes are also not a strength of mine, which means every time I sit down to write I want to slam my head against the wall instead. Nevertheless, my goal is to finish chapter four by Friday at the latest.

Thursday night I got home in time to participate in the #diverselit chat (hosted by Lee & Low Books/Tu Books), and it was a ton of fun. I actually interacted with some folks, got a few new Twitter followers, and spent a lot of time afterwards (and on Friday) talking to Crystal Brunelle of the Reading Through Life blog.

We now have a not-so-secret secret project in the works. I’m thrilled about this. It’s something I’ve been thinking about doing but uncertain that I could handle it all by myself. With one partner—and the goal to acquire two more—this odd little ambition of mine seems like it could actually go somewhere. Once I have more post-worthy news, I’ll be sure to tell you.

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