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March 6th, 2013

Moving along

Not a whole lot to report this week. The quarter ends a week from tomorrow, and I have a lot of work to do to finish up! (So naturally I've spent today going to a movie, taking a long nap, and strolling through the internet...) My desktop computer crashed this weekend during a short Skyrim break that stretched into nine hours, so I'm having to make do with my laptop for the time being. It's an annoying upset to my routine, but probably it's God's way of reining in my procrastination and pushing me back to my homework.

Not much by way of progress or class notes this week, just projects. But last week I mentioned a resolution to not save projects, and I've been thinking about it a lot. Recent comments about my work from guests and classmates lead me to believe, once again, that the only thing holding me back is myself and my own laziness. Thus, not saving projects; to really take advantage of the guests we have (artists, editors, etc), I need to have viable work to show them. Tomorrow is our Editors Forum, and one of the editors there is from Oni Press, who does a lot of creator-owned work and would probably be a good match for me. I really wish I had more to show them that was pitch-worthy. Maybe they'll like what I've got, but nothing I've got is really what I want to be doing; not those awesome projects I have in mind.

Next term I'm taking two classes instead of three (I'm pretty sure I'm the only grad student who's still taking three!), having decided it would benefit me greatly to slow down. I'll be less crazy with class work, for one. I'll be able to put a lot more time into my class work, instead of doing the bare minimum and moving on to the next assignment. Also, I'll have more time for outside work--including Muse, the department Black Belt challenge (to produce a 10-page comic outside of class each quarter, which I haven't managed to do), short comics for conventions and such, developing longer projects for pitching to publishers, and also looking for paying comic work. Also, the more quarters I spend here (not that I'm going to drag it out; that would be too expensive), the more networking opportunities I'm going to have, through teachers, students, and our guests. So maybe it'll take me eight quarters instead of six (assuming I pass all my classes next week, I'll be ONE-THIRD of the way through the program)--but my work and my opportunities will definitely benefit.

So, that's what's going on out here. I'd best get back to work! (For real, this time..)


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