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March 5th, 2013

Tuesday's Pitch Madness Prep

It's five days into March and I'm certain I should be spazzing about something. I have intense goals scattered all over the place. I'm preparing for my next sash level in Kung Fu. I'm in charge of my ward's Easter Program--Music and Speakers. In connection to Easter I decided to embark on a massive origami project involving small rabbit baskets. I've folded over 40 so far.

And a few days ago the submission guidelines for March Pitch Madness went up.

I looked at them and realized several things. My thoughts went a little like this:

  • Oh! I only need a tagline/pitch and the first 250 words! No query yet! Excellent! I can totally do that.

  • Wait. My tagline is all about Raquel. I mean, she's the main character so that makes sense, but...she's not in the first 250 words.

  • This is a problem.

  • *Frets*

  • *Spazz*

  • *Thinks*

  • I can fix it. I just need to get Brandon into the tag and Raquel into the first 250 words. No Problem.

I'm still working on it but I'm confident by this time next week I'll have something. I'm not sure if I'll make it past round one. Of course I really want to but even if I don't, I'm certain there is plenty for me to learn. Every time I do one of these things, Chrysalis gets better and and my writing sickness gets worse. This also gives me motivation to step up my other projects, like website tweaking, blogging, and, you know, my query. >.>

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