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March 1st, 2013


In the world of writing, I have been sidetracked from my goal of transcribing everything. I haven't transcribed anything in more than a week (and I honestly couldn't tell you what happened to make me forget to post last Thursday), though I did manage a basic plot outline and spend a lot of time agonizing over names. My characters have names, but I'm convinced they're mostly the wrong names--especially my main character's. But of course the wrong name is the one very much stuck in my head, and I'm starting to feel like I don't know enough about the world she lives in to find the right one.

What I'm trying to fumble toward saying here is that I think I need to let the project rest for a while. I need to let it sit so I can come back and feel differently about her and them and see clearly enough to make some decisions.

And I still need to finish my prospectus. Also, we're moving into a new apartment this weekend.

But aside from those things and everything else that makes life what it is, I think what I really need to do right now is read. I have a friend here who reads at a ridiculous rate (>250 books since last spring) and mostly YA sci-fi/fantasy. I'm going to start taking her recommendations and raiding her collection. In the meantime, I will be working on finishing my prospectus so I can actually start my dissertation so that it will maybe have a chance of taking me less than ten years.

The end.


A Working Title and Adjusting My Focus

After days of frustration, I finally settled on a working title for my Mythological-Heian-Era-Meets-Supernatural story. I’m now calling it The Dying Shrine, and yes, the ambiguity is intentional. Despite only writing three out of the last seven days, I managed to write 998 words. That puts February’s total at 6,417 words.

The only thing that’s possibly more exciting than having a working title is having a working tagline/elevator pitch: Noriko must fight her way through vengeful ghosts and youkai to purify the shrine in the land of the dead before the supernatural upheaval topples the Chrysanthemum Throne.

Does it need work? Absolutely. In the meantime, I’m just going to keep writing and figuring out what exactly I want to have happen.

I’ve done some other under-the-radar work, most notably creating a creative projects page. I also decided this week that I wanted to do more actual blogging on my site. Last year I was consumed with the ATLA rewatch and weekly reports, and I originally thought this year that I would substitute book reviews for the ATLA rewatch.

But you know what? I do more in my life than just write and read. Like make tasty food, go on adventures, watch kdramas, or find cool things on the internet—things I think are work talking about. So from here on out you can expect a more multifaceted Audrey and less of the one note Audrey.

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