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February 27th, 2013

Been a wild and crazy week out here! I'll start with the forum. I know a lot of the stuff I post is primarily for comic artists, but I hope there's something useful to you writerly types, too. For last weekend's guest forum, I'll just write up my notes and you can glean from them what you will.

CB Cebulski (Marvel Talent Scout) and Skottie Young (artist)Collapse )

So that was the forum! Good weekend. Really good. Here are some class notes.

Genre and DeconstructionCollapse )

And that's my notes this week. I was actually able to catch up a bit on my projects, and feeling much more optimistic about the end of the quarter. (Now just 2 more tough assignments to tackle, and the rest will be super manageable...)

Something else I realized this week, because of the forum: I've got awesome projects waiting in the wings of my brain, that I realized I've been "saving" for some hypothetical future. But when I sat with CB Cebulski, I wished for nothing so much as those awesome projects done and in my portfolio. So I decided to flip the switch in my brain: no more saving projects. From now on, the projects I do for school are going to BE those awesome projects. The time is now.

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