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February 23rd, 2013

Weekend Challenge: Taglines

February has been the cruelest month but I'm taking it back. Let's just jump right in! This week, we're going to workshop taglines/elevator pitches!

For something so short, they are giving me one helluva headache. I suspect that might be the case for all of us HoKers. If it's not, then please share your wisdom because I am floundering and desperately need your help.

According to my notes from 2012 LTUE, a good tagline consists of 4 parts in a single sentence:

  1. The Heroine

  2. Her noble goal

  3. Her major obstacle

  4. The consequences of failure

The challenge this week is to put all of those parts into a cohesive and tantalizing sentence that entices the listener to want to hear more about your project. It also forces you to focus on the main plot line in your book. No matter what stage you're at, beginning the first draft, editing the second, or ready to start querying, having a good tag/elevator pitch will help you focus and tighten your writing.

Here's what we'll do:

  1. In your comment, answer the four parts you'll need. (I'll do this in my first comment so you can see an example ^^;)

  2. Then, in the same comment, attempt a messy first sentence. It can be awkward and unwieldy.

  3. Finally, throughout the week, try to refine your tag, posting the updates, and taking whatever feedback may come your way.

  4. Give feedback to other HoKers! (Here are some suggestions to get you started: I'm unclear on the obstacle, or I'm not sure about the consequences, or maybe this phrase will be more pithy.)

  5. Do this for as many projects as you'd like! For example, I have a draft of 9thEvent, which I can tag and I'm working on handsome!beast right now, but a tag/pitch will totally further my outline and daily writing.

  6. Have fun! This workshop has your brain constantly in your world and allows you to be straightforward rather than subtle. Subtly can come later >.>

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