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February 15th, 2013

Working Slowly Through

So it appears that my goal of getting everything transcribed and compiled in a week was a bit...unrealistic. I have gotten through less than half of the first notebook (and it's not even a large notebook). The good thing news is that the slowness is due in part to 1) working on my dissertation prospectus, which is indeed coming along, 2) Getting Ideas as I transcribe that must be jotted down before I can move on, and 3) having social things to do. And needing to spend evenings with my husband.

I'm also realizing that I won't be able to use a lot of the early stuff I wrote, but that's as it should be, right? It means that I (and my story, and my characters) have progressed significantly since I started. And most of a first draft ends up gone or drastically changed by the time you get to a polished finished product...or so I hear. I actually started out writing a completely different novel--one which will need to be written, though whether it will be my next project I'm not sure.

So in light of this week's progress and discoveries, I've decided to revise my goals to the following:

This week: make a plot outline and start brainstorming chapter/scene divisions
Next week: solidify characters (there are characters and relationships in the early stuff that disappear later--must decide if I want to keep them/work them in or not)
By March 15: finish transcribing and compiling raw material

Yep, that looks about right.

A Long Weekend Ahead

I’m slowly getting more and more words during my daily writing sessions. Part of this is because I have grown more comfortable with my characters; the other part is that I’m not researching this particular setting anymore, so that’s not slowing me down. I wrote 2,300 words in four days this week.

I would have had even more words than that, but tonight is the start of a long weekend, and I want to read books instead. First up on my plate is City of a Thousand Dolls, which I plan to review, and The Fox Woman, which I don’t plan to review. Mary Beth said the latter was an excellent depiction of a fantasy set in the Heian Era, so you can probably expect a despair-laden post from me next Friday about how I’m a terrible writer, historically inaccurate, and doomed to failure with MHEMS (just so you’re prepared).

I haven’t worked at all on Civil Blood, which I won’t apologize for. However, I reviewed the Curse Workers trilogy and, thanks to a tweet from Pam van Hylckama, discovered that my new anti-spam plug-in was destroying all comments. I’ve fixed that, and I have received comments on the new review, much to my delight.

Work is closed Monday for the holiday, and I took Tuesday off so I could deal with mundane things like going for my semi-annual dentist visit and trying to find the DMV so I can renew my driver’s license before it expires. If all goes well, I’ll also read a lot of books and/or hunker down and see if I can finish writing chapter three.

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