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February 11th, 2013

Weekend Question

Brooke hasn't posted yet, I'm certain it's still the weekend >.>

I know I promised something about taglines and queries. I had plans and ideas and intent to do all the things, but because of Reasons, it can't happen this week. However, I have been thinking about how much I miss all of you guys and I'm always scheming ways to get you to come visit me here in Southern California.

I'd like to propose a Hands on Keyboard Writing Retreat.

I know all of us are in wildly different places in our lives, but creatively, we're all nearing a point where it would be nice to spend anywhere from a few days to a week focusing on our craft with the support of our fellow HoKers would be wildly beneficial. And potentially a tax write off. This post is to discover if it's even feasible. To this end, please answer the following questions:
  • If given enough time to plan and save, do you think it's possible to schedule a trip out to beautiful SoCal to spend anywhere from 4 to 7 days with your bestest writing pals? (I say SoCal because literally the weather here is always nice. Even in December, our temperatures rarely go below 40 degrees and in the summer, at the beach, we rarely go above 80 degrees. Also, we have theme parks, just in case.)
  • When would be the best time of year for you? 2013? 2014 Edit: Audrey & I have been texting and think maybe summer 2014 will give everyone 18 months to save and plan. Also to have a polished project to workshop. Because Gwynne Has Plans for the Schedule. Thoughts?
  • How many days could you realistically plan?
  • Is there a better location?
  • Any other thoughts?
I know we've mentioned doing something in the past but I'd really like to get us past the nebulous wistful and to a more concrete reality >.>

Also, I miss you gals.

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