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February 8th, 2013

[Your daily dose of “did that seriously just happen?”:

One of our new neighbors decided the best way to introduce himself was to slam his U-haul into the nearby carport so it collapsed on at least six of his neighbors’ cars. (Not my car, hallelujah.) Then he sped away in his giant truck while the loading ramp scraped the pavement. He finally realized he ought to take care of that after going over a speed bump, but he was in such haste that he didn’t secure the ramp properly and it slid right back out when he started moving again.]

Even though I only wrote four out of the last seven days, I got through 2,185 words of MHEMS. Mostly this week I learned that it is really hard trying to describe clothing and architecture in a way that is 1) accurate and 2) comprehensible to people who are unfamiliar with said clothing and architecture. I have managed to muddle through and have somehow gotten to the end of chapter two. My goal is to press forward and keep an eye out for anything title-ish.

After a month of nothing to report, I can now proudly say that I have typed up what I have so far of an outline for Civil Blood. I have also started a flowchart! Not just any flowchart—a color-coded flowchart that marks out key point-accumulating opportunities in the outline thus far. I am enchanted with it. My goal for next week is to outline and flowchart the next scene. (I reserve the right the actual play instead, as I have not done that since 2000-2001, and I’m hitting some fuzzy parts.)

Pam van Hylckama, an agent I follow on Twitter, just started a book review community building exercise, appropriately titled Community Review Link-up. I submitted the review I did last weekend of The Cloud Roads for the link roundup, and while I have yet to receive any comments, I have left a couple comments on other blogs. I really enjoyed doing it, too—it has been a long time since I’ve commented on other people’s blogs.

This weekly link sharing means that I now have actual deadlines for these reviews if I’m going to continue participating. With that in mind, my goal is to write a review once a week—provided I’ve had time to read a book that week. This weekend my goal is to write a review for The Curse Workers trilogy and read City of a Thousand Dolls.

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