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February 7th, 2013

I did it.

Last Saturday, I finished my first draft. (Only one day late!) The moment itself was pretty anti-climactic--at least in terms of the real world, since relative poverty does not lend itself well to celebrations. I got a good reaction from the Husband, though. In terms of the world inside my head book, well... I'm kind of in love with my ending. Here's hoping I get to keep it.

And the big question is: what on earth do I do now? I've spent the week sort of trying to answer it, puttering here and there, reading transcripts of Writing Excuses, researching names, other semi-useless things. Today I sat down with Dan Wells' seven-point plot line to see how well things fit in, and they...mostly do. But because it's been so long since I started writing this thing and have re-read next to none of it, I'm having trouble feeling like I have a good solid big-picture handle on the whole thing.

What I really need to do is assess what I actually have. Which means I need to finally do what I've been meaning to do all week: sit my butt down and start transcribing all the handwritten stuff that hasn't been touched since it was written. Hoping, of course, that there's nothing missing, and especially that nothing got lost in the move--though maybe the good thing about not having re-read anything is that I might not even know I've lost something, and thus there will be no mourning its disappearance.

My goal for this week is to transcribe everything. I feel like I can say "everything" because I have no real grasp of how much that is. And because I can type really fast. Once that task is out of the way, I'll start working on my pitch. Hopefully that will give me a better handle on things and, as Gwynne said, a way to focus my rewriting/editing toward a clear goal.

Deep breath. Here goes.

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