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February 6th, 2013

Well, despite a few travel hiccups, my weekend in Wyoming went well, and it was actually pretty fun except for all the crying. I learned a lot of things about my grandpa's life. Like how he was an award-winning sharpshooter. And about his military service in the Azores when my dad was very young (there was a story about one time when Grandpa had to ration out toilet paper til the supply shipment came two weeks late). And that he had two majors and three minors in college, plus a master's degree - and then taught high school math/science and ran a milk/beef farm. Cool stuff. It was also really great to be around my aunts/uncles/cousins and do some reminiscing. One cousin told me that one of her key memories of family reunions was watching me draw; and here I'd always felt bad that I typically holed up and didn't socialize with my family more.

I guess it takes all kinds. In fact, that's something I've been thinking about lately. Everybody's different, you know? Some people grow up to be plumbers. And I'm sure glad there are plumbers. Some people are lawyers, or mechanics, or hair stylists, or insurance salespeople. We need those too. But when mechanics and plumbers and hair stylists aren't working, what do they do? They read books, watch movies. And somebody has to make those, too. So I have to constantly remind myself that there's a need for what I do, and just because it's "play" for other people doesn't mean it's not legitimate work. Someone has to do it: why not me? And I shouldn't feel guilty about my gifts and training lending themselves to that sort of work over something more conventional, like math or science. (Math and science people read books and watch movies, too.)

No progress was made this week. (Or at least, I really can't remember anything I worked on.) My words-to-date remains at 4,295. I'll try to make it up later.

I have less notes from this week (being gone a bit), but I'm going to include some stuff about character motivations, plus a few cool research resources I had to pass on for other art people.

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