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February 5th, 2013

All The Things on Tuesday

My plan of collecting awesome points appears to be working. Despite getting food poisoning the last week of January, I still won my school's Attend as Many Classes as Possible During the Month of January Competition. There were five winners. I came in second.

I cannot express how much better I am at Kung Fu now than I was in December. I'm just a little bit further on my path to becoming a Kung Fu Master.

The edits for Chrysalis still aren't done. Which means I need to find a different tactic without allowing my Editing block to continue to stymie my progress. I planned on using February to work on my query and pitch. I don't actually need to have my edits done to do that. In fact, it might actually help my edits if I can approach each scene from the viewpoint of my Tagline, Synopsis, and Pitch. Maybe. Honestly, I just want this done. There is a Pitch War at the end of March that I want to participate in. February is as good of time as any to make it happen.

However, not all my writing news is bleak! Last Thursday, while I was wallowing in non-editing self pity because I'd finally let go of my writing streak on 750words and it was depressing, a single line popped into my head. I had no idea where it came from or who it belonged to. Naturally, I texted it to Audrey, Brittany, and my sister. 

My sister came back with: Is that from your Reverse Beauty & the Beast?

Yes, I lied, That's totally what it's from.

Then I proceeded to write another 5,000 words in Handsome!Beast. I haven't stopped. So. There's that. Still Writing Sick.

Now to the Listing of Goals for my Way of the Turtle!

Dream: Full-Time Published Author

February Goals:
  • Finish Chrysalis Edits. They have to Be Done!
  • Polished Draft of Chrysalis Query
  • Update Website -- possibly start blogging again
Weekly Goals:
  • Use the Weekend Challenge to my advantage and do query exercises
  • Make a List of website changes.
  • Do Something about Spam Bots
  • Have fun writing in handsome!beast
Bullet Points and Lists! Now I must do ALL THE THINGS! Like cleaning my kitchen.

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