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January 25th, 2013

Down to the Wire

I have one week before my deadline. This week I again wrote 5 out of 6 days, and the end is in sight.

All I can really say is that I am SO EXCITED to get to the ending--partly because I'll know how the book actually ends, and partly because I'm looking forward to going back through everything I've written, collecting it all, transcribing what's handwritten, and seeing what needs to be done next. That will be February's project.

So here's to another week--by the end of it I should have a first draft.

Not Quite as Awesome as Hoped

A proper title for MHEMS continues to elude me, though Mary Beth suggested that I go research some Heian poetry to see if there’s anything there that’s worth stealing that speaks to me. I only wrote 1,102 words this week, which is acceptable considering that I didn’t write two days. (I didn’t write on Sunday because I spent about four hours making/cleaning up after an amazing Butter Pecan Cake. Monday was a mess as I was suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to find all my tax documents and clear out my filing cabinets halfway through my writing session. I missed out on Tuesday because I got a new phone so shiny and celebrated Beth’s birthday by eating the aforementioned Butter Pecan Cake and watching two episodes of Arang and the Magistrate.) Despite the early hiccoughs, I am more or less producing consistently—miracles do happen.

The two parts I really failed at (and have no good excuses for) were book reviews and Civil Blood. However, both are back on the schedule for this weekend, and as of this moment I am wildly optimistic. I also picked and started reading another book last night, which means I might actually be able to post my first YA book review sometime in this upcoming week. (Gasp!)

I spent some time today looking through the #PitMad posts on Twitter, and it was pretty amazing. Basically authors looking for agents would pitch their books (in a single tweet, including the hashtag!) to agents who were watching the #PitMad feed. If an agent favorited your tweet, that was a request for the author to send their material in. It was a fascinating thing to watch, especially when you could see that people were re-working their 140-character pitches in the hopes they would get requests. Another #PitMad is allegedly going to happen in March, which should be just as much fun—and educating—to watch.

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