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January 23rd, 2013

More Structure

Again, the only writing I did this week was scripting for school. I'm up to 3,266 words this year. It saddens me to count all the extraneous words from script formatting, but it is what it is, right? I hope next week to have more real words to report. Like fiction words.

I've also determined that I need to get ahead on my homework so that I can start right away on my assignments, while I'm still excited about them, instead of leaving them for the day before they're due. But that's not relevant to this post.

Story structure and Northrop FryeCollapse )

So there's some cool stuff we covered in class. I've also been thinking about how to apply this stuff to my own projects. One thing I'm debating is about my project for this class, the project I will have completely, solidly scripted by the end. While we were sharing our loglines, I offered two for projects I already have partially developed, and one idea that I jotted down on the fly. The new one is what my teacher gravitated to, except that the direction he thought I should take it is not what I envisioned, and I'm resistant. Also, he thought it would be better done as a screenplay than a comic. "Not to say you shouldn't still do it," he said. "You'd sure make a lot better money selling a screenplay than doing comics." (That part, I don't have a problem with.) But I need to decide if I should try to revamp my other pitches, or to go with the new one, in which case, I may be pressured to develop a concept I'm not super jazzed about. But who's to say I wouldn't change my mind once I get used to the idea? And also, if I could learn to write a solid script for a story I don't love, wouldn't that make it easier to do a solid script for a project I do? And don't screenwriters do this with concepts a studio gives them, anyway?

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