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January 19th, 2013

Three of Six Is Great

Last week I set six goals for myself, and I accomplished three of them. I began writing MHEMS—which was a delight—but clearly I did not manage to figure out a title for the project. Right now I’m at a loss for what it could even be, so the file is simply named Mythological Japan. Maybe at some point I will write a brilliant turn of phrase and can use that for a title; until then, I am forging on ahead without a name.

(I fear for any future children I have. If I can’t name a novel—an arbitrary name, one I can change at any time—how am I supposed to name a child? Perhaps I’ll put the matter to a vote as that worked out well for one of my younger brothers.)

Despite my book’s lack of a name, I wrote 1,835 words for it, which is more than I’ve written for an original project in a long time. Plus, it has reaffirmed my belief in consistency. I have been keeping a day-by-day log, which means that I can cheerfully report that I wrote six out of the last seven days. This is a monumental achievement, my friends, and I hope to duplicate it next week.

Last week I posted my first book review and finished The Cloud Roads, which is what I hope to review either tonight or tomorrow. I also posted a book review policy so that I can feel all professional. Right now, my ambition says that I could review one book a week. We shall see how that goes, especially since I want to focus on reviewing YA books primarily from this point on. I’ll certainly keep reading adult books, but I might not review all of the ones I read.

I didn’t do any work on Civil Blood this week, but I’m telling myself that is okay as it is on the agenda for tomorrow. There will be progress on this project next time, I swear!

(P.S. I posted my first MHEMS scene in my private LJ if you haven't seen it already!)


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