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January 17th, 2013

Chairs and loglines

So, ah.. I lost track of time today and now it's late and I need to go to bed. But yet again, this post ends up being way longer than I wanted it to be.

First, the only writing I did this week was for school, and it was just shy of 1000 words, but my average is still good... Total words so far: 2080

Adaptation, Plato/Aristotle, and Loglines: cut for lengthCollapse )

That's it for me this week.. I'm way overdue for sleep, and then I have to tackle all the homework I put off by playing Skyrim tonight. I've been working really hard this week and hardly sleeping, and I needed a break!!!!

So far, so good

I wrote 5 days this week. I was shooting for 6, but naturally the day after making last week's post I completely forgot. My mind was occupied instead by the fact that I had indeed decided last-minute not to take this semester off, which meant I had to pay tuition--which actually meant I needed to activate the fellowship that was waiting for me, which meant I needed to turn in a Very Specific Form, which I had in my possession, but it needed to be signed and turned in by Tuesday and the person who needed to sign it was (is) technically non-existent and the person I was going to try to get to sign it was, of course, across the country, which meant I needed to overnight the form after a rush of phone calls and e-mails to make sure it would get to the right person to be signed and delivered on time.

So I forgot to write.

The decision I had made--to take time off for adjustment and being-a-mom and probably-moving-again-soon purposes--seemed delightful, but I felt uneasy about it. Pressing forward sounded sometimes hard and other times impossible. I honestly thought it wasn't possible, but after more consideration (and some very good counsel), I realized that it was what I needed to do. It help to be reassured that the work I'm doing is actually worth doing. (Which is kind of important.)

Now I just have to keep plugging away. The novel will continue to be second in terms of priority, but I'm still determined to finish this draft by the 1st. I'll probably have to postpone my book-reading until then to make sure I get this sucker done.


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