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January 8th, 2013

Simple Tuesday

2012 was a great year for me in a lot of respects. I went to LTUE and made some decisions that have impacted me for the better as I move along my path to obtaining my dream--Full Time Published Writer. I discovered Kung Fu and gained a level in physical awesome to add to my writing. I rewrote Chrysalis and developed a writing sickness.

In fact, I've written over 700,000 words over the last 233 days, during which, I haven't missed a single day of logging my words into 750words.com. I don't suffer from writing block anymore, which is marvelous. However, during the course of those 700,000 words, which I don't regret for a single moment, I've discovered something very important about myself. 

I'm lacking in discipline. 

It sounds a bit loony to even think from the outside, I'm sure, because, look at that insane word count, but in all of those words, I haven't finished a single project other than Chrysalis. I'm floundering, just a bit, on my road to obtaining my dream. So, last week, I took a step back and asked myself why I'm having such a hard time with finishing this edit and letting people read my book. The answer was eventually this: success is too far away.

Full Time Published Writer is a very broad goal. Writing a book is a very broad goal. Becoming a Kung Fu Master is a very broad goal. All of these things are achievable but right now they are insurmountable. I need to break it down from broad, to concrete, to simple steps. So I made myself little lists breaking down what it takes to be successful:

  • Full Time Published Writer
  • Kung Fu Master
2013 Goals:
  • Submit Chrysalis to agents and hopefully get one.
  • Build my internet presence and become more marketable.
  • Rewrite 9th!Event to have a polished draft to make me more marketable
  • Write Handsome!Beast and have a rough draft, giving me three books under my belt
  • Obtain two more levels in Kung Fu: Green and Blue. Survive tournament.
January Goals:
  • Finish Chrysalis Edits
  • Win School Contest: The prize is four extra private lessons. There are five winners and I win by attending more classes than my buddies.
Weekly Goals:
  • Spend 30 minutes, each day (except Sunday), inside the Chrysalis manuscript. I can write, do, create, whatever I want outside of those 30 minutes, but I must spend the time looking at the freaking manuscript. Success is 3 out of 6 days.
  • Attend as many Kung Fu classes as I can. Each 30 minute class is worth one point. Try to have 15 new points by the end of the week to add to last weeks 10
Of course, I have more than two dreams, but I didn't think they were appropriate to share with Hands on Keyboard. This is my approach for this year--breaking it down into small steps with noticeable successes. This way I don't beat myself up that I'm not published, not finished editing Chrysalis, and not a Kung Fu Master today because I know I'm on the path of doing all those things tomorrow.

I'm recommitting myself to the Way of the Turtle. I've strayed off the path. Time to trundle along.

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