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January 2nd, 2013

New year, new conviction

Hi friends, and welcome to the year 2013.

In mulling over this post, I went to YouTube intending to find something inspirational about goals, and ended up watching a few Vlogbrothers videos (I'm not a regular). I watched John's book rec post and found myself randomly choked up at the end. That was weird. Then I got to thinking about it.... and gosh, I love books. Not even just specific ones (or perhaps because of specific ones); the very thought of books gets me choked up. So maybe that's a sort of consistent conviction for me. And then I decided that that was probably an appropriate place to start off 2013.

I started thinking about my book-love, and what it means. I remember again how much I want it. I want to be part of that world. I want to hold a book in my hands, with its crisp corners and glossy cover with my name on it, to flip the pages and recognize the words inside as that narrator in my head - and then I want to see other people holding that book as lovingly as me. I want to go to conventions and talk about books, and writing, and stories that mean things to people. I want to see my work on the shelves at the library, the airport, the grocery store. I want a movie. A TV series. Comics. Audiobooks. I want to join this world I've consumed and loved and studied all my life.

So what does that mean? It means it's time to go to work.

In 2012 I posted 30 pages of Muse and wrote about 17,000 words. I can do better. I'll be tailoring my goals over the next few weeks (especially as school gets started), but here's the first one. Each week I am going to produce at least 1,000 words. Time to get back on the horse. Let's go.


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