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A Long Weekend Ahead

I’m slowly getting more and more words during my daily writing sessions. Part of this is because I have grown more comfortable with my characters; the other part is that I’m not researching this particular setting anymore, so that’s not slowing me down. I wrote 2,300 words in four days this week.

I would have had even more words than that, but tonight is the start of a long weekend, and I want to read books instead. First up on my plate is City of a Thousand Dolls, which I plan to review, and The Fox Woman, which I don’t plan to review. Mary Beth said the latter was an excellent depiction of a fantasy set in the Heian Era, so you can probably expect a despair-laden post from me next Friday about how I’m a terrible writer, historically inaccurate, and doomed to failure with MHEMS (just so you’re prepared).

I haven’t worked at all on Civil Blood, which I won’t apologize for. However, I reviewed the Curse Workers trilogy and, thanks to a tweet from Pam van Hylckama, discovered that my new anti-spam plug-in was destroying all comments. I’ve fixed that, and I have received comments on the new review, much to my delight.

Work is closed Monday for the holiday, and I took Tuesday off so I could deal with mundane things like going for my semi-annual dentist visit and trying to find the DMV so I can renew my driver’s license before it expires. If all goes well, I’ll also read a lot of books and/or hunker down and see if I can finish writing chapter three.

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