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Tuesday's Romantic Statistics

I am conquering my Editing Block, much the same way I conquered my Writing Block. Slowly. My biggest obstacle is my writing sickness. I love it too much and would rather write character histories than fix the scene I'm writing character histories for. 

Let me put my writing sickness into perspective. 

Yesterday, 750words.com informed me that I was on a 120 day writing streak. Ever since declaring war on my Writing Block, I have written over 750 words a day. My total word count for the last four months is 361,172. That's an average of 3010 words a day. During the week I do about 2500 words a day. My weekends can be anywhere between 2500 and 7000 depending on how much sun I need. Clearly, writing consistantly is no longer a problem for me.

I don't regret any of those words. Up until last week, I mentally and emotionally beat myself up because I wrote Chrysalis histories instead of working on the real reason to for those histories. I called myself a lazy coward with too much fear to actually step forward and move into the future. Last Week Gwynne was very rude and mean to herself.

In the midst of this unhealthy emotional flogging, I decided to watched a Korean drama Audrey recommended. It goes by the name of Queen In Hyun's Man. I was hooked by the end of episode three. It's a romance A plot with an action B plot where the hero is heroic, good, and kind, and the heroine is heoric, good, and kind and they treat each other with respect. 

It hit all of my love story requirements. It hit everything I want to be inside a reader's heart when they read any one of my books. I want the reader to love Raquel and Brandon and feel so very deeply for their plight that when they win, there is loud cheering that frightens the neighbor's birds into squawking.

I want true love to conquer all.

So, with that feeling in my heart, I opened Chrysalis and intended to get to the scene that has plaqued me for over six weeks. I looked at it and realized that I needed to start from the beginning and put in the little changes I'd learned over the course of 250,000 words and two months. I expected to feel stupid, frustrated, and angry with my cowardly self, but found I couldn't regret nearly 361,172 words.

In the next two weeks I'm going to finish editing. I'll send it out to people and work on my query letter and website, so by the time the book is ready to be sent out, I will have no excuses or fear holding me back. 

It's also time to pick another project and introduce it to my writing sickness. 


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Sep. 19th, 2012 01:21 pm (UTC)
I hope This Week Gwen is much nicer this week. >.>

And I'm happy to hear that QIHM helped you get back to your problematic scene! That's great. I hope you can get through your editing block and get back on track. (That's a crazy awesome amount of words, by the way.)

What are you planning to do with your website? *curious!* And what projects are you thinking about start on once you are querying Chrysalis?
Sep. 19th, 2012 11:48 pm (UTC)
So far, This Week Gwynne is all positive and kind >.> Probably because she got through half of her manuscript in 48 hours.

I love QIHM so very much. I think I'm going to watch it again after I get my editing done. If I get it done before two weeks are up, I may throw a party. I'm still letting myself write every day because that's not a habit I want to break or give up.

For my website, I need to update the projects I'm working on and make it more agent friendly. I also need to get a new query letter on the site for Chrysalis and I want to do a rough draft for 9thEvent. Then I'm going to either finish Unbalanced or work on my Beauty & the Beast meets Thumbelina in mythic Japan idea. At the rate I write now, I could get both done this year >.>
Sep. 20th, 2012 01:45 pm (UTC)
I am in favor of both rewatching dramas and throwing yourself parties. Also the writing every day--that's good, too.

Ooo, how are you going to make it more agent friendly? (Aside from posting your Chrysalis query letter?) By rough draft, do you mean a rough draft of the query letter?

And you should totally write both of those this year!
Sep. 20th, 2012 10:47 pm (UTC)
Yes. Rough draft query letters. ^^;;; I think I'm going to start taking Elana Johnson's advice and do one up before really getting into Unbalanced or Mythic Japan I need a pithy title name. That way I can remind myself what the story is about and keep the important themes and plot points front and center. It'll also help me edit 9thEvent >.>

Other plans include small writing samples but also better hooks for my other ideas. One compliment I received from the agent that requested my full, was that while my writing wasn't quite there yet (after this last rewrite, I finally know what she means!), I had a good commercial quality about my ideas. So, if I can pose them better, have more completed work, perhaps that might sway an agent in my favor when it comes to requesting my work.

And I really want to regularly blog. Goodness, I need to get off my butt on that one ^^;;
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